Online Printing: Our Terms And Conditions 

We welcome your visit; please read the following terms and conditions attentively. You acknowledge and agree with the following terms and conditions under relevant state laws by accessing this website. You will follow guidelines, restrictions, and rules connected to particular sections or services of this website.  

Online printing can modify these terms and conditions any time they want, and it is suggested that you go through them every time you visit the website.  

Use of Website

You can access the website to prepare, evaluate, and order products and services from online printing. You can’t download, publish or distribute any content from the website. On purchasing the product, you are not entitled to modify it and add other content as it is delivered to you as a finished product from online printing. You will not add text, graphics, or copyrighted content to the product until you have authorised access to the content. When you place the order, you will warrant that you have the right authority and permission to place the order, and the seller will produce the product on your behalf. 

You agree to access this website with responsibility and in compliance with all terms and state laws and regulations. 

Orders And Payments 

All products and services are offered for sale purposes, and availability depends on the seller’s acceptance of the order. The seller can reject any order without reason, and no order will be accepted until the seller provides you with the order confirmation. The seller will describe the colour as accurately as possible. The product’s colour displayed on the buyer’s digital screen may differ from the original colour. The seller won’t be responsible for these issues.


The payment will be made in full at once, and the buyer will ensure that the payment method is their property with a sufficient amount to complete the payment. The buyer will pay all applicable taxes, and the correct address will be provided for the delivery of the product.   

Shipping And Delivery 

All products bought from the website will be delivered to the address presented by the buyer at the time of purchase. Online printing will deliver the product to the provided address. An estimated time will be shown at the time of purchase, but this doesn’t mean that product will be delivered on the exact date. The estimated time is predicated, and the delivery date might differ. 

Your purchase will be shipped to you after you make the full payment. Once the payment is received, your order request is processed. If the product is already manufactured, it will go to the packaging stages. If the product needs to be made, then the possibility of the delivery date may vary. 

While receiving the product, make sure that you check it and sign all required documents brought to you by the delivery partners. Once you acknowledge that the product is received, delivery partners won’t be responsible for any damage hereafter. 

Return, Refund And Cancellation Policies 

The buyer has the liberty to cancel the order when the seller cannot deliver the order within twenty-eight days from the date of purchase or if the buyer has discovered any defective product. The buyer shall email the reason for the cancellation of the order. The amount paid will be refunded to the same account that buyer used earlier to make the payment of the purchase. Online printing will not allow any other refund methods.

In case of return, the customer has to return the product in its original packaging, and no product should be used. No packages will be accepted if they cannot meet the above-mentioned terms. 

If the package is in appropriate condition on arrival, then a refund will be initiated, and the customer will receive the money within 14 days.

Limitation of Liability

Online printing will not be liable for defective products unless you notify the seller with appropriate information, such as purchase confirmation number, delivery number, and what you are claiming. Is the claim on the entire product or a specific issue you are facing with the product? 

Once you make a claim and the seller finds out that the claim is valid, then the product can be replaced or any specific part that needs to be replaced. The entire product can be returned to the seller, and a refund will be generated. The website will be liable to pay you the amount you purchased the goods at. The change in the price of goods and their taxes will not exceed in this case.

The online printing will not be liable for any damage done to your system while you were using the website. You should be responsible for all virus, software, and hardware damage to your system, whether you were buying or surfing the website while the damage was done to your system. If coming to the website through a third party causes damage to your property, then we are not liable for the damage.  

Intellectual Property And Data Protection

All the content, including text, logos, trademark, graphics, and more hosted on this website is owned by the seller. The rights of the content services and server information are reserved and can’t be copied in any manner. If so, legal actions will be taken against the violator. No third party can make any changes to this website without the permission of the owner. All the material on the website is copyrighted. 

The seller respects the intellectual property, and if you believe that your content or work has been copied in any manner on the website, then please contact us. We will review the situation as soon as possible. 

All customer data is protected under general data protection regulations. The data is used by the seller to provide better services to the customers in accordance with privacy policies.