What is mesh banner?

A mesh banner is a type of outdoor advertising material made from mesh vinyl. It is designed to withstand high winds due to its perforated construction, allowing wind to pass through. Mesh banners are commonly used for large-scale applications such as building wraps and stadium banners, construction site signage, and fence coverings. They are durable, weather-resistant, and lightweight. The perforated material maintains some visibility and airflow while reducing the risk of tearing or detachment in windy conditions.

Loose or Tight?

Loose Mesh Banner

Most popular! It allows more air to go through.

Tight Mesh Banner

The image appears sharper on a tightly woven mesh banner.

Introducing 3A Signs’ mesh banners¬†

The perfect solution for your outdoor advertising needs. Our mesh banners are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions while delivering exceptional visibility. With tightly woven mesh construction, your graphics will appear sharp and vibrant, even from a distance. Our UV-resistant printing ensures long-lasting color and clarity. Lightweight and easy to install, our customizable mesh banners are an ideal choice for promoting your brand, event, or product. Experience the power of mesh banners with 3A Signs today!


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