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Attractive Floor Vinyl Stickers

Do you have any unoccupied floor space in your office, parking lot, shopping mall, or elsewhere? Why not leverage it to help your brand? Floor vinyl stickers don’t take up much space and won’t hamper the office staff’s portability. These peel-and-stick stickers will transform your home or office with a simple installation method. Using these floor decals to promote your brand on any surface efficiently maximizes your resources.

Floor stickers are excellent for a simple, space-saving, effective signage solution. With eye-catching floor decals, you can now reach your customers, entice them when they enter your place of business and create a brand identity.

People tend to look down at the ground while walking. By attracting passers-by, floor decals work best in high foot traffic areas. And these vinyl floor tile stickers would be an excellent choice for promoting your company.  

Custom Floor Vinyl Stickers

It is critical to obtain eye-catching and simple floor graphics in order to make a long-lasting impression. Removable floor decals of excellent quality provide enormous convenience, and you can resume them at various locations for an extended period while their fresh appearance remains intact. Our custom-printed floor vinyl stickers are the best in town and are designed to attract the maximum amount of attention.

Get started on your custom floor vinyl sticker order right away!

Floor Vinyl Sticker Features

  • UV printing makes it sun resistant.
  • Simple to apply and remove
  • Custom shapes and sizes are available.
  • Lamination provides slip and scratch resistance.
  • UV Curated Graphics of Superior Quality

Floor Vinyl Sticker Characteristics

Aside from offices, floor stickers are commonly found in shopping malls and retail stores. And customer traffic in these areas can quickly increase. So, here are four key characteristics to look for in a good floor decals product.

Adhesive: Once a sticker is applied to a floor print, it is subjected to a great deal of harm, not only from the crowd stepping on it but also from everyday chores. We use specialized adhesives to avoid this. The glue on these branded types of vinyls is extremely sticky.

Strong printing inks: Floor printing requires inks that are both scratch-resistant and water-resistant. At 3A Online Printing, we primarily use inks that are both robust enough to meet this requirement.

Floor Overlaminate: The combination of our printed inks and glue results in a strong floor print. However, the image is still susceptible to scratching and tearing. To prevent this, we apply a specialized floor overlaminate to the print.

Anti-skid Surface: When most distracted strollers step onto floor vinyl stickers, they will notice a change in surface texture. As a result, this anti-skid surface has the added benefit of drawing the attention of a potential client to the print on the ground.

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